CSCS provides the supercomputers and expertise that help keep Swiss science at the forefront of development worldwide. Supercomputers are the tools of today’s inventors. With them, researchers can demonstrate science that was never possible with theory and experimentation alone.

The centre operates the very latest supercomputers and works with the world’s leading computing centers and hardware manufacturers. This enables the centre to be the driving force behind innovation in computational research in Switzerland: the very latest computer architecture helps to ensure that users’ codes run quickly so they can focus more on their scientific results.  

CSCS houses a diverse pool of supercomputers and these are dedicated to national and custom services. The supercomputers are in the machine room, which measures 2000 square meters with no single supporting pillar or any partitioning; this all to minimize restrictions to the installation and operation of supercomputers in the future.


Development of Computing Power at CSCS

System (computer name) Installation Year Surface in m2 Energy consumption in KW under LinpackCompute power in GFLOP/s (Peak) Compute power in GFLOP/s (Max)
NEC SX3 (Adula)19921253605.55
NEC SX4 (Gottardo)199695553230.7
NEC SX5 (Prometeo)1999554064- (Not listed in Top500)
IBM SP4 (MPP)200240801331.2736.6
CRAY XT3 Single Core
(Piz Palü)
CRAY XT3 Dual Core (Piz Palü)2007482701731014200
CRAY XT5 (Monte Rosa) 200952700141500117600
CRAY XT5 Six Core)200952713211500168700
CRAY XE6 (Monte Rosa)201152730402100297000
CRAY XC30 (Piz Daint)201269840750797615653 
CRAY XC30 (Piz Daint- Hybrid)2013108232577889006271000