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CSCS Orientation Course


Founded in 1991, the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS), develops and provides the key supercomputing capabilities required to solve important problems to science and/or society. The centre enables world-class research with a scientific user lab that is available to domestic and international researchers through a transparent, peer-reviewed allocation process.

In this workshop, the CSCS experts will introduce us to CSCS and the tools available and will guide us to a successful proposal submission.

Target public and pre-requisites

This workshop is aimed at researchers willing to sumbit a proposal for the next deadline (May 8th). Anybody willing to submit a proposal at CSCS is welcome to attend. Please bring your laptop with VNC installed.


CSCS allocation process
Cray XC architecture
Cray XC programming models
Accessing, compiling and running
09:30Demo+DIY (MPI/OpenMP, Cuda, OpenACC)
10:00Coffee Break

Preparing for technical review (scaling and performance reporting)

10:45Demo+DIY (MPI/OpenMP + Perflite)
11:00Guidelines for [un]successful proposal
11:30Debugging tools (ddt)
12:00Lunch break
13:00Coaching to porting your own parallel application(s) on PizDaint


The workshop is free of charge but registration is necessary to set up the infrastructure. Please refer to EPFL registration website

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