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Webinar Allinea DDT


The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre is delighted to invite you to attend its webinar focused on debugging tools at CSCS.

This event will be live on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 from 10:00 to 10:30 at: https://allineameeting.webex.com/allineameeting/j.php?MTID=m9ff1d13c8df949f6b4b2210fd34b87ed

Meeting number: 627 304 215
Meeting password: All1nea

The webinar is directed to any new or advanced user with general interest in debugging tools. No registration is required to participate.

Patrick Wohlschlegel, Allinea Technical Services Manager, will have the pleasure to guide attendees in the use of the widely adopted Allinea DDT parallel debugger:

Allinea DDT can be used for debugging serial, multi-threaded (OpenMP), multi-processes (MPI) and accelerator based (Cuda, OpenACC) programs running on research and production systems, including various CRAY systems at CSCS. It can be executed either as a graphical user interface or from the command-line.


  • Allinea Forge: Overview

  • Starting the debugger

    • using X forwarding or VNC,
    • using Reverse Connect,

      • Reverse Connect is a new launching mode that makes it easy to launch jobs from a user environment and connect back to DDT.

    • using a remote client,

      • Native remote clients are available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

    • offline and attach mode,

      • Offline debugging is a mode of running an application under the control of the debugger, but without user intervention and without a user interface. DDT can also attach to running processes

  • Demo

The webinar will conclude with an open discussion. It will provide an opportunity to talk with CSCS and Allinea staff about debugging at CSCS, to acquire the latest updates and ask any question that you may have.

For additional documentation, please visit the following site: user.cscs.ch/compiling_and_optimizing/debugging_tools/index.html

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