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Webinar Deep-Dive Memory Debugging with Allinea DDT


The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre is delighted to invite you to attend its webinar focused on Deep-Dive Memory Debugging with Allinea DDT.

This event will be streaming live on Monday, April 11, 2016 from 13:30 to 14:00 at:


Meeting number: 622 819 463
Meeting password: All1nea

Following the last 2 webinars introducing Allinea DDT and GPU debugging at CSCS:


this webinar will focus on Memory Debugging.

Memory errors can be the most difficult problems to resolve in an application.  Thankfully, Allinea DDT includes powerful memory debugging features to trigger and resolve these problems.

We will first describe the memory debugging capabilities available in DDT and how to enable memory debugging on CSCS systems. Then we will demonstrate typical use cases for each memory debugging capability and how to manage the memory debugging overhead (for instance on memory-heavy C++ codes).

To illustrate the theory, we will go through live examples including destructive crashes and various forms of memory leaks (dangling pointers, memory exhaustion).

The webinar will conclude with an open discussion. It will provide an opportunity to talk with CSCS and Allinea staff about debugging at CSCS, to acquire the latest updates, and ask any question that you may have.

We invite new or advanced users with general interest in debugging tools to join this event remotely. No registration is required to participate.

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