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Webinar on "Piz Daint Upgrade: What Is New?"


CSCS is happy to announce a webinar on “Piz Daint Upgrade” to be held on Monday December 5, 2016 at 14:00

As announced in several occasions, Piz Daint has been upgraded from SandyBridge(CPU)/K20x(GPU) to Haswell(CPU)/Pascal(GPU), our teams are working to bring the system back in production on schedule (i.e. by the middle of December). It is therefore time to start getting familiar with the upgraded system.

The seminar will focus on describing the new configuration, and providing useful information on job  submission, queue organization etc.

A Q&A session will close the discussion. 

To participate to the webinar please click here on the Monday December 5th at 14:00.

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