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Rosa Introduction Course Summer 2010


The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) will host an introduction course on its production computing platform, Rosa, between the 14th and 15th of June 2010, Manno. Rosa is the main production facility at CSCS. It is a 20 cabinet liquid cooled Cray XT5 system with a theoretical peak performance of 212TFlop/s and 29 Terabytes of main memory. 

The introduction course will provide both existing and new users an introduction to the Rosa system including detailed information regarding the Cray XT5 hardware, software architectures and programming environments.

Furthermore, users will be gain practical experience with high-level profiling and optimization techniques on the new system, through a series of hands-on exercises.

Registration fee

This event is free of charge.


Each participant is individually responsible for organising their accommodation. You may find useful information on the Lugano Tourism website. Please make sure you book well ahead of time as this is the main tourist season for Lugano.

Places are limited so please register early to confirm your place….

Provisional Agenda: 

Day One – 14th June 2010 (12pm – 5pm)

1. An Introduction to Rosa
2. The Cray XT5 Hardware and Software Architectures
a. Architectural Overview 
b. AMD Hex-Core processor 
c. Node and Interconnect 
d. CSCS system: Rosa configuration 
e. Scalable Software: CLE (Compute Linux Environment)
f. Lustre File System 
g. Application Launching Process

3. The Cray XT5 Programming Environment  
a. Compilers (PGI, Pathscale, GNU, Cray) 
b. Using aprun to control multicore and hybrid applications 
c. Launching and controlling a job
Day Two – 15th June 2010 (9am - 4pm)4. Performance analysis 
a. Craypat profiling
b. Craypat sampling and tracing experiments 
c. Apprentice visualization 
d. Performance analysis hints

5. Additional Profiling Tools 
a. IPM 
b. TAU
c. Scalasca


You may want to combine your attendance of this course with the course on "Scalable performance analysis of large-scale parallel applications" that will take place at CSCS on June 16th. 


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