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Structural Transitions in Solids



Stefano Leoni

MPI für Chemische Physik, Dresden

Roman Martonak
Department of Experimental Physics, Comenius University

Michele Parrinello
ETH Zurich, Dept Chem. and Appl. Biosciences

Jean Favre
CSCS, Swiss National Supercomputing Centre

Structural Transitions in Solids: Theory, Simulation, Experiments and Visualization Techniques

This event will bring together leading experts, practitioners and younger scientists active in all areas of novel materials (theory, numerical simulations, experiments, numeric’s of visualization, high-performance computing) to stress the truly interdisciplinary characteristics of this field and also to further promote synergies, spread know-how and share competences. A survey of the state of the art and a close dialogue with experimentalists on the identification of novel areas of investigation will serve as input for discussions and for composing a work-flow for further methodological developments and synergies.

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