Past Events

Title Date Venue Registration fee
Webinar on "Piz Daint Upgrade: What Is New?" 05.12.2016 CSCS free
Pomeriggio di orientamento scolastico e professionale 23.11.2016 CSCS free
Visita guidata del CSCS 11.10.2016 CSCS free
Task based Programming with HPX Workshop 29.–30.09.2016 CSCS SFr. 160.00
2016 Advanced C++ for HPC 26.–28.09.2016 CSCS SFr. 240.00
Workshop on “Data Science with [a] Spark” 13.–15.09.2016 CSCS SFr. 160.00
PLAN-E Workshop 08.–09.09.2016 CSCS free
CSCS-USI Summer School 2016 17.–28.07.2016 Hotel Serpiano free
EuroHack16 04.–08.07.2016 Hotel de la Paix free
Visita guidata del CSCS 14.06.2016 CSCS free
ADAC Workshop Switzerland 2016 12.–14.06.2016 CSCS, USI free
CSCS User Meeting - Strategy Updates 10.06.2016 EPFL free
PASC16 Conference 08.–10.06.2016 EPFL free
CSCS User Meeting at ETH Zurich 04.05.2016 ETH Zurich free
CSCS User Meeting at EPF Lausanne 29.04.2016 EPFL free
Visita guidata del CSCS 19.04.2016 CSCS free
Webinar Deep-Dive Memory Debugging with Allinea DDT 11.04.2016 Webinar free
11th EasyBuild Hackathon 24.–25.03.2016 CSCS free
HPC Advisory Council 2016 21.–23.03.2016 Palazzo dei Congressi SFr. 100.00
Webinar Deep-Dive GPU Debugging with Allinea DDT 22.02.2016 Webinar free

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