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17.07.2017 Introduction to Docker containers for HPC with Shifter
In this CSCS seminar, the Systems Integration group gives an introduction and a live demonstration of running Docker containers using Shifter on the Piz Daint supercomputer.
Shifter is a lightw...
05.07.2017 Interview: The Computation Challenges of Fusion Energy
In this video from PASC17, Idamura Yasuhiro and Laurent Villard discuss the computational challenges of developing Fusion reactors.

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05.07.2017 Interview: Dr. Christoph Schär on Climate Modeling
In this video from PASC16, Dr. Christoph Schär describes the computational challenges of climate modeling.

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05.07.2017 Large-Scale Climate Simulations with Cosmo
In this video from PASC17, Hannes Vogt (ETH Zurich / CSCS, Switzerland) presents his poster: Large-Scale Climate Simulations with Cosmo.

Author(s): Hannes Vogt (ETH Zurich / CSCS, Switzerl...
05.07.2017 Interview: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe with Supercomputers
In this video from PASC17, Katrin Heitmann summarizes her talk on Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe with Supercomputers.

"Cosmology is in a scientifically very exciting phase. Two de...

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