Development Projects

These projects are meant for work on codes and algorithms.

Projects of more than 36'000 node hours  are granted based on scientific merit and technical feasibility. Development Projects of less than 36'000 node hours on the Cray XC50 will be admitted based on technical evaluation only. 

Development projects on systems other than Crays will be discussed case by case.

Development Project Submission

If you wish to submit a Large Development Project Proposal you need to have (in pdf format): 

  1. your development project proposal including all the mandatory items listed below
  2. your curriculum vitae 
  3. your list of publications 

***Proposal submission is now closed! You can only submit at the next deadline in May 2017!***

If you wish to submit a Small Development Project Proposal you do not need a form. Please just send your proposal together with the CV and the publication list in pdf format to: projectoffice(at)

Small Development Project Proposal can also be submitted at any time and are not restricted by any deadline.

Who can apply? 

Proposers must hold at least the position of post-doc within their institution. 

PhD students CANNOT apply on their own, but instead must do so in consultation with, and under the auspices of, their supervisor. In such cases the supervisor should be identified as the Principal Investigator (PI) of the project. 

Project Proposal Format 

Small projects (< 36'000 node hours on the Cray XC50, up to 1 year; proposal up to 5 A4 pages) 

  1. Brief statement of your goals
  2. Brief description of research methods 
  3. Outline of development
    3.1. Current status of software, benchmarks and scaling 
    3.2. Algorithms and implementation 
    3.3. Programming and parallelization approach 
  4. Infrastructural requirements (type of hardware, debuggers, etc.) 

The allocations of small development projects on other CSCS systems are discussed case by case.

Please note that the same research group can submit ONLY ONE small development project per year!

The proposal description applies also if you are interested in Tavé, the Cray XC40, Iron Compute (KNL). However, this is 1 cabinet system therefore the resources available are very limited (that is the 36'000 node hours maximum will not apply).

Large projects (> 36'000 node hours per year, up to 3 years; proposal up to 10 A4 pages) 

  1. Intended applications: Outline of background and significance 
  2. Intended applications: Scientific goals and objectives 
  3. Description of research methods 
  4. Outline of development 
    4.1. Current status of software, benchmarks and scaling 
    4.2. Algorithms and implementation 
    4.3. Programming and parallelization approach 
    4.4. Project plans: tasks and milestones 
  5.  Resource justification 
  6. Infrastructural requirements (type of hardware, debuggers, etc.) 
  7. Duration of the project (up to 3 years)

The allocation requested must be per year, that is you need to provide the total number of node hours required for the first year of your project. 

Please note that lack of any of the mandatory parts may result in rejection of the proposal.

Review Process

Small development projects (< 36'000 node hours) 

  • Complete proposals will be assessed by technical evaluation. Technically reasonable proposals will be accepted.

Large development projects (> 36'000 node hours)

  • Complete proposals will be subjected to technical feasibility assessment.
  • Technically feasible proposals will be passed forward to scientific review, conducted by reviewers from an international pool
  • Based on technical and scientific reviews a panel committee of scientific experts will rate the proposals and make a final allocation recommendation


There are two allocation periods for Production Projects and Large Development Projects on CSCS HPC systems starting on:

April 1st and October 1st

Spring Allocation Period:  

April 1st, 2017

Fall Allocation Period:

October 1st, 2017

Spring Allocation Period:

April 1st, 2018

Deadline for Submission October 17th, 2016 at 18:00 CETMay 12th, 2017 at 18:00 CETOctober 15th, 2017 at 18:00 CET

Feasibility and Technical Feedback (for reviewers only)

November 25th,  2016June 30th,  2017November 24th, 2017
Scientific Feedback (for reviewers only)November 25th,  2016June 30th,  2017November 24th, 2017
Panel Committee Meeting & Allocation DecisionMarch 16-17, 2017September, 2017March 2018
Official Letters to ProposersWithin the following 2 weeksWithin the following 2-3 weeksWithin the following 2-3 weeks

Renewal Reports

Please click here » for information on the renewal report.