We are looking for new collaborators for the following positions:

  • Apprendista Informatico/a (tecnica di sistemi) AFC (Formazione 4 anni)

    Il Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico (CSCS) è un’organizzazione nazionale che ha il compito di mettere a disposizione della comunità scientifica e del settore industriale, delle soluzioni nell’ambito del calcolo ad alte prestazioni. 
    Il CSCS, amministrativamente affilato al Politecnico federale di Zurigo (ETH Zurigo), ha sede a Lugano-Cornaredo e ha quasi cento di collaboratori. 
    Questa posizione è inserita nella sezione che offre il supporto informatico (PC, portatili, stampanti, server window/Linux etc) agli utenti interni. Avrai l’opportunità di muoverti in un’ambiente dinamico ed internazionale che ti permetterà di acquisire sia il know-how tecnico che di imparare l’inglese e confrontarti con una moltitudine di culture. 



  • Group Leads in the Scientific Software and Libraries Unit in Zurich or Lugano

    The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) is operated by ETH Zurich and its headquarters are located in Lugano, Switzerland. CSCS develops and provides key supercomputing capabilities for solving important problems in science and society. CSCS is leading an effort to develop scientific software and libraries for HPC platforms.

    The Scientific Software and Libraries Unit develops and modernizes libraries and software tools to enable scientific applications to run at scale on different hardware architectures. This includes specifically performance-portable C++ libraries for manycore and GPU-accelerated HPC architectures and their Python frontends. Its approach includes generic programming, domain specific languages, one-sided communication, and task based programming.

    Your responsibilities as a Group Lead will include the line management of a team of software developers, guiding people with advice and priorities, active software and tool development within projects, and representation and reporting within CSCS and towards external partners and organizations, including academic partners and international institutions. We expect you to develop your individual and team’s capabilities, skills and knowledge. 

    We are looking for candidates with a Ph.D. degree or equivalent experience in either computer science or mathematics/computational science. Software development, for a larger community and close to scientific applications in an HPC environment, is your passion.


  • Scientific Software Developers in Zurich or Lugano

    The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) is operated by ETH Zurich and its headquarters are located in Lugano, Switzerland. CSCS develops and provides key supercomputing capabilities for solving important problems in science and society.

    The main role of this position is to develop software libraries and tools for scientific computing, specifically performance-portable C++ libraries for massively parallel many-core and GPU-accelerated HPC architectures and their Python frontends. He or she will also be required to work closely with application developers and domain scientists to gather requirements for further development and to integrate these libraries in established simulation packages.
    We are looking for candidates with a sound knowledge of computer science and enthusiasm for software development. Strong working knowledge of C++, our main development language, as well as expertise in the development of numerical or scientific simulation software, or HPC performance tools, are required. Experience with HPC technologies, such as node-level parallelism, multi-threading or GPU acceleration is considered a plus. Experience with Python for numerical simulation is beneficial. Mathematical and domain science knowledge enable the candidate to write code starting from a mathematical model or reference implementations in other computer languages. She or he should have a Master or Ph.D. in computer science, computational science, mathematics or natural sciences.




  • Infrastructure and Development Services Group Lead

    The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) is operated by ETH Zurich and is located in Lugano, Switzerland. CSCS develops and provides the key supercomputing capabilities required to solve important problems to science and/or society. 

    The main role of the Infrastructure and Development Services group is to support the transitioning of the centre to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which will support domain specific portals on top of our HPC infrastructure. The group is also leading the analysis, development and implemention of RESTful services gateways and contributes to work on Domain Specifc Languages (DSLs) using different programming languages including C++/11, C, and Python.

    Your tasks will include the daily management of a team of software developers. You will set priorities, assign work plans, develop and enforce IT policies and interact closely with CSCS internal and external clients. The management of activities relating to external EU projects will also be part of your mandate as well as participating in regular peer meetings. We expect you to develop the capabilities, skills and knowledge of yourself and your team.

    The idea candidate is expected to have a PhD in Computer Science or a similar field and, depending on the level of qualifications, up to 4 years of experience in developing software applications in an HPC environment. You have experience in designing Service Oriented Architectures and their deployment based on DevOps processes. Software development management background following an agile methodology with strong regression performance testing and debugging skills is expected, as well Linux-based systems-level knowledge. The ideal candidate has experience in leading small- to medium-sized teams in a dynamic environment.

    You will work in an international environment in the heart of Lugano, Switzerland. The official working language is English; knowledge of Italian, German or French is an advantage. CSCS supports and promotes a gender-diverse work environment. The position with an initial probation period of three months is permanent.


  • Computational Scientist

    The uniqueness of this role is that you will have the opportunity to work together with international domain scientists enabling and supporting them to do research on one of the world’s largest HPC systems. You will be constantly exposed to various programming languages and evolving computer architectures. You and your multinational team colleagues will address application scaling by gradually improving performance and parallelization. You will be able to use your knowledge of HPC and accelerators, specifically your GPU skills, to provide first and second level support for our portfolio of scientific application and libraries. This role will permit you to attend international conferences and trainings in both soft and technical skills. The positions are funded by a project, the initial contract will be for 2 years and will be at CSCS in Lugano.

    You have a PhD in computational science, or a related scientific discipline. You are the perfect match for this position if you have a sound knowledge of HPC applications, enthusiasm for software optimization and for supporting users on Tier-0 systems. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are essential alongside the ability to collaborate with peers and research teams. Your excellent command of spoken and written English (our official working language) and enthusiasm for working in an international environment helps you fulfilling your goals. You have experience with HPC technologies such as GPUs, multi-core and distributed systems, along with CUDA, MPI, OpenMP. Experience in supporting users and optimizing existing scientific software and in C++ and Python are highly appreciated.

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