We are looking for new collaborators for the following positions:

  • Computer scientist with experience in container technologies

    The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) is a unit of ETH Zurich based in Lugano. It provides, develops, and promotes technical and scientific services for the Swiss research community in high-performance computing (HPC).

    The function of this position aims at building a data-aware and memory-aware middleware framework to address ubiquitous problems of data movement in complex memory hierarchies such as HPC systems. The Maestro project is a collaboration among dominant HPC centres and private companies in Europe. Workflows and applications will use the Maestro middleware to annotate their data requirements in terms of allocation or structure. Inside this project a solution should be developed to provide dynamic provisioning of data services such as file system. 

    Your tasks will be to create a dynamic provisioning solution by developing new technology or enhancing existing ones.

    You are expected to have a PhD in Computer Science with a focus on innovative technical solutions and a solid experience in container and data service technology. You have experienced in C++ development with a low-level system perspective and you are familiar with data services and parallel storage technologies. An understanding and familiarity of scientific workflows and of HPC environment is expected as well as Linux-based systems-level knowledge. Knowledge on memory hierarchy including GPU memory will be considered a plus. The ideal candidate has experience in developing container technology tailored to data service deployment. 

    The official working language is English; knowledge of Italian, German or French is an advantage. The position is for 3 years with a starting date on the 1st of September 2018 at CSCS in Lugano.

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  • Computational Scientist

    The uniqueness of this role is that you will have the opportunity to work together with international domain scientists enabling and supporting them to do research on one of the world’s largest HPC systems. You will be constantly exposed to various programming languages and evolving computer architectures. You and your multinational team colleagues will address application scaling by gradually improving performance and parallelization. You will be able to use your knowledge of HPC and accelerators, specifically your GPU skills, to provide first and second level support for our portfolio of scientific application and libraries. This role will permit you to attend international conferences and trainings in both soft and technical skills. The positions are funded by a project, the initial contract will be for 2 years and will be at CSCS in Lugano.

    You have a PhD in computational science, or a related scientific discipline. You are the perfect match for this position if you have a sound knowledge of HPC applications, enthusiasm for software optimization and for supporting users on Tier-0 systems. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are essential alongside the ability to collaborate with peers and research teams. Your excellent command of spoken and written English (our official working language) and enthusiasm for working in an international environment helps you fulfilling your goals. You have experience with HPC technologies such as GPUs, multi-core and distributed systems, along with CUDA, MPI, OpenMP. Experience in supporting users and optimizing existing scientific software and in C++ and Python are highly appreciated.

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