Performance Analysis Hackathon 2018


CSCS is pleased to announce the upcoming three-day hackathon dedicated to the performance analysis of selected parallel user codes. Participation will be limited to a small number of application teams with codes that already compile and run on Piz Daint or similar Cray systems and where at least one team member will be present at CSCS for the workshop. 

Example codes will be provided to familiarise the participants with basic application measurement and instrumentation using various performance tools (https://user.cscs.ch/scientific_computing/code_analysis/) and to learn how to augment and refine their analysis to obtain useful insight into the performance of their codes, and evaluate suggested optimization opportunities where possible. Dedicated time and support staff will be available to assist the participants in their work during the workshop.


This course is targeted to users with access to CSCS systems (at least a preparatory project).


Each participant should bring along a laptop configured for SSH (wireless) access and X11 or VNC tools. Competency with MPI, OpenMP or GPU programming
in Fortran, C or C++ and running parallel applications on Piz Daint is required. Familiarity with one or more performance tool is recommended.


In order to make the workshop as productive as possible, all participants should come with an application to analyze, preferably from their research area. One or more batch scripts and corresponding input datasets for running short/small and longer/larger jobs on the Cray/XC system at CSCS must be prepared. Participants are strongly encouraged to instrument their application in advance of the course (instructions will be provided).


You should therefore contact us as soon as possible if you are interested and send details of your code (short description, language, compiler, dependencies, performance tools previously used) to help@cscs.ch (subject: CSCS Performance Analysis Hackathon).

Deadline for applications: April 1, 2018

Kindly note that the workshop will take place only if there are sufficient accepted applications received by the deadline. Those candidates whose application successfully passes the selection process will be invited to register for the event.