You will soon start working at CSCS and we are pleased to welcome you to our team!

In the sections here below you will find useful information on topics such as immigration, finding accommodation, childcare, and living in Switzerland.

The ETH website is another very useful resource which provides detailed information on different topics. We suggest you to visit it as well for further advice.

Please note: The information on this page is meant for information purposes only. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. The rules and regulations may have changed in the meantime. For legally binding information please contact the respective authority.

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    Inquiries may be addressed to Stephanie Frequente (

  • Onboarding and benefits

    From mobility to insurances, there is a range of offers and benefits available to CSCS employees which are designed to make work and life easier.
    Please visit the Onboarding and Benefits webpages for more details.

  • Already living in Switzerland

    Work and residence permit

    Accompanying family members


    Some areas (comune) provide a lunchtime program for the children/students. It could be a good idea to check the nursery/ schooling program of the nursery/school in the area you are moving to.
    If you search for an apartment through an agency you can request further information from them too. Not all schools provide lunchtime programs and that would mean that your child would have to be taken care of during the lunch break.
    In Switzerland children have lessons in the morning and in the afternoon. We can also provide you a list of the schools with lunchtime programs and we can also help double-check with the schools.


    In Lugano there are 4 nurseries owned by the City of Lugano. The nurseries of the city of Lugano are the most cost effective. Should you be interested in taking your child to one of the nurseries we suggest you contact them ASAP. The contact person is Lucia Bulloni Dagani (Capostruttura for all 4 nurseries).
    The other nurseries are private institutions. There could also be the possibility to take your child to a child minder.
    CSCS has an agreement with the nursery “Nido d’infanzia” of the city of Lugano. Usually there is a long waiting list, but due to the CSCS agreement, you can practically bypass the waiting list, but still children cannot enter from one day to the other. Take into account that you will need to calculate roughly a 2-3 week introduction period for your child.
    The Ronchetto nursery is around 7-10 minutes from CSCS.

    • Zurich: CSCS provides (expectant) parents help in finding a suitable childcare place in the city of Zurich or at place of residence. ETH Zurich subsidizes the costs of childcare at facilities in the Zurich university area (kihz, KIKRI Zentrum, Irchelkrippe)


    In order to apply for the work permit you need an accommodation and without a work permit you cannot start to work. This is why it is essential to have an apartment or temporary accommodation.

    The following websites could be helpful:

    Temporary accommodation

    Searching for accommodation is a time-​consuming process, but it is easier if you are able to carry out your search in the local area itself. You may find it helpful to book a temporary accommodation to start with. This will give you time to look around for suitable accommodation.
    If you are staying in temporary accommodation make sure they draw-up an apartment lease for you, as this is required for your work permit.

    The following websites could be helpful:

    Liability insurance

    You are strongly recommended to take out personal liability insurance. This insurance protects you from claims for damages if you injure another person or damage property belonging to another person.
    You can find more information as well as offers on or on the ETH Welcome Center website.


    Health care insurance

    Anyone living in Switzerland is legally obliged to take out compulsory basic insurance with a Swiss health insurance plan.

    You must therefore take out compulsory basic insurance with a Swiss health insurance plan within three months of your arrival. Members of your family must also be insured. You can choose any health insurance plan anywhere in Switzerland. You will find an independent overview of Swiss health insurance plans with a comparison of costs and services at www.comparis.chor at (Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, only in German, French and Italian).
    Please click here for more general information on the health care insurance.

    CSCS employees have a discount of 10 or even 15% at SWICA healthcare, depending on what insurance option is chosen. For more information you can already contact / +41 91 912 20 50.

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  • Further information

    For further information on living and working in Switzerland you may also visit: