January 29, 2019 - by CSCS

A data generation platform strongly coupled with an archive and a sharing platform for open research data, Materials Cloud assists scientists in data dissemination, curation and publishing with DOI. The multi-disciplinary team made up of people from CSCS (ETH) and EPFL will use total funding of nearly CHF1.3 million in the next two years—half coming from swissuniversities, half from matching funds including the NCCR MARVEL and the H2020 MaX Centre of Excellence—to scale up the Materials Cloud infrastructure to meet the needs of the whole scientific community, first in Switzerland and extending to Europe and beyond, while at the same time making sure that the infrastructure is stable, available at all times, and flexible enough to support even more data types and scientific fields.

Thanks to the partnership with CSCS that hosts the infrastructure, they will develop the needed interfaces, authorization protocols and software tools to enable users to autonomously contribute hundreds of different data entries in the different sections, without the need of interacting with one of the platform maintainers. Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration within the team of PIs, they will be able to address the needs of various disciplines including Materials Science, Computational Physics and Computational Chemistry.

 Read the full article here: http://nccr-marvel.ch/news/communication/2019-1MatCloud