October 24, 2022 - USI

The students were welcomed by Dr Maria Grazia Giuffreda, associate director, who gave a presentation of the centre prior to the visit. She gave an overview of some of the 153 projects carried out last year with the help of the CSCS supercomputers.

After this introduction, Sebin John, a master's student in software and data engineering at USI, filled the audience with his enthusiasm and shared his experience as a research intern at CSCS where he developed distributed visualisation software in Julia.

The students were all hears when Timothy Holt, PhD candidate in high-performance computing, gave a speech on how supercomputing can help with the European energy crisis.

The group was then led into the spacious computer centre facility where they were able to approach supercomputers such as Piz Daint, once the most powerful machine in Europe, or the ultramodern Alps.

The participants also gained insight into the impressive technical infrastructure essential for water-cooling the supercomputers.

The many questions and discussions between the participants and the staff continued over coffee in a relaxed atmosphere.

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