January 11, 2016

For CSCS it is important to act responsibly towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. The centre supports employees in contributing to educational and social programs in the form of philanthropy and volunteering. In October 2015, CSCS participated in the Adecco’s fund raising “Global Solidarity Day 2015”, in order to provide support to the refugee crisis. We met Fabio Verzelloni, a system engineer at CSCS, who organized this day:

“When our HR manager asked me to coordinate CSCS’ activities in Adecco’s fund raising on Monday, October 26, 2015 I was very proud to contribute to an activity aimed at supporting the refugee crisis. I already had some volunteer experience around the world, for example for development projects in Africa. This time my task was much easier: Set-up a CSCS team that will “earn” one Swiss Franc from the Adecco group for every kilometer completed by cycling, running and/or swimming.  The money would then be made available to the Save the Children organization to help the refugee children with life-saving assistance and protection in Europe. I did not have too much time to organize the day, but I managed to have a group of bikers and a group of walkers/runners. Thanks to a perfectly sunny day and the willingness of all participants to do their best to collect as many kilometers as possible, CSCS was the most active company in the whole of Ticino, with a total of 514 kilometers. The campaign reached 50,000 kilometers in total. It was a great day and I really hope that with our action we managed to help as many children as possible to feel less alone, and to alleviate some of the suffering they have to live through as refugees. There is much more to do but every bit makes a difference. I would like to thank all my colleagues that took part in the event for making this possible. ”