CSCS organized September 26-28 a three days workshop on "Advanced C++ for HPC". The aim of this course was to provide the fundamental tools for effective C++ programming in the context of high-performance computing. The tools include generic programming techniques, API development, specific C++-11/14 constructs. Starting from a basic knowledge of C++, the attendee will be able to start using C++ language to engineer durable abstractions to develop and optimize applications.

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Introduction, Mauro Bianco (CSCS) »

Object Types and Value Initializations »

Name Resolution & Initialization »

Templates »

Afternoon session »


Move Semantics »

Template MetaProgramming »

Static Initialization »

Generic Programming »

Smart Pointers »


Lambdas and Functions »

Patterns »

The constexpr Keyword »

Threads, Christopher Bignamini (CSCS) »

Example I, Paolo Crosetto (CSCS) »

STL, Paolo Crosetto (CSCS) »

Example II, Paolo Crosetto (CSCS) »

Random number generation, Christopher Bignamini (CSCS) »