General User Contract - Please read these statements carefully

CSCS HPC resources are free of charge for all Swiss research institutions. Scientists from CERN and the Joint Research Centers (JRC) of the European Union may also apply.

Access to CSCS facilities is granted on an individual basis. An account is usable by the applicant only and only for the explicit purposes stated in the project application.

Under no circumstances should the applicant give any other person (project member or otherwise), organization or representative of any organization access to CSCS facilities through explicit or implied permission, intentional or unintentional negligence or carelessness. Revealing of passwords or identification protocols through verbal, written or electronic means is strictly prohibited. Any such activity is considered a breach of CSCS security, this contract and the established contracts between CSCS and its computer vendors.Should such activity occur, the applicant will be immediately terminated from all present and future use of CSCS facilities and is fully liable for all the consequences arising from the infraction. Any indications of usage or requests for runs, which give rise to serious suspicion of improper usage will be promptly reported to the Federal Office of Foreign Economic Affairs in accordance with the existing contractual agreements.

Users applying for an account and requesting access to data belonging to MeteoSwiss, Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (user group s83, s83c or s83d) may use this data only for research or teaching purposes (Art. 3 und Art. 16 MetV; SR 429.11). Any other use of this data is possible only with a specific permission from MeteoSwiss, the request must be addressed to the CSCS Project Office. In particular, all further transmission of this data to a third party or re-seller as well as the sale, charge or licensing for the data is strictly prohibited. The data must be kept in a safe place and protected against unauthorized access from third party.

Access and use of data of other accounts on CSCS systems without prior consent from the principal investigator to which project the user account pertains is strictly prohibited. The terms and conditions for use of data of other accounts must be directly agreed on with the owner of the data.

The applicant certifies that all information provided in his/her Account Application is true and accurate, and he/she has not knowingly misrepresented him/herself or the project described. Until this application is verified and approved it will remain only an application, without any implied or explicit access permissions to CSCS facilities. By submitting this application, the applicant acknowledges that he/she is in complete understanding of all CSCS User Regulations and contractually agrees to abide by these regulations.

The principal investigator should promptly and proactively notify CSCS as soon as the applicant (i.e. the future account owner) no longer have the rights to own such account.