In a very quickly changing world for supercomputing and scientific research, it is essential for all staff members to keep up to date and expand their knowledge and skills as needed.

Support is provided for training and continuing education activities, which are undertaken in conjunction with work and which help enhance employability.

In addition, the health of its employees is a top priority for CSCS. Many initiatives focused on physical wellness, safety and mental health are offered to all employees.

At CSCS, we differentiate between trainings for three categories of employees.

  • New staff – All new staff members receive introduction training courses in order to become familiar with important rules and regulations of the centre, such as IT security, fire security, utilization of IT infrastructure, etc. Additionally, if you do not speak the local languages, courses are offered in Italian (when working in Lugano) and in German (when working in Zurich).
  • Existing staff – CSCS supports the personal and professional development of all staff members. We differentiate between methodical skills that are requested for all staff working in a specific environment (for example, ITIL foundation for IT service management or agile project management): soft skills and & self-development to help employees succeed in an always-changing environment (for example, effective time management or leading without formal authority); and technical skills to help employees succeed in an always-changing technological environment (e.g. continuous integration & delivery, Linux security).
  • Leadership team – The leadership team is expected to keep its leadership skills up to date. Example of courses are working with cultural diversity or agile project management.