CSCS issues calls for proposals that are announced via the CSCS website and e-mails. To get an account at CSCS you need to be invited either by CSCS admin staff or group leaders (or PIs)

If you are:

  • A new Principal Investigator (PI) you must have applied for a preparatory project to receive the invitation to get an account at CSCS (invitations for new PIs are issued by CSCS).
  • A new member of a group with an existing project and you need an account within this project, the PI (or his deputy) needs to issue you an invitation to provide the needed information via
  • An existing user who needs to be added to another open project with a different PI, please ask the PI to send you an invitation to be added to his/her project.

Please note that as soon as you receive and accept an invitation to get an account at CSCS, you agree to the CSCS/ETHZ regulations stated here »

***BE AWARE that accounts are bound to projects, that is your account will be closed with the project unless you are invited to join a different valid project.***

When providing information, please be aware that you are asked to provide only institutional information and a scanned copy of your passport (which will be deleted immediately and automatically after the account is created, you can provide a scanned copy of your ID card only if it is readable and understandable), i.e.:

  • Institutional email address (gmail, hotmail, etc. will not be accepted)
  • Correct information (title, name, etc.)
  • Data must be consistent

Accounts are usually opened within 48 hours.