Sarus and FirecREST are two software projects that are being developed at ETH Zurich / CSCS.

Sarus bridges the gap between container portability and native HPC performance. By using OCI hooks it enables vendors to deliver maximum hardware performance inside a generic container. Sarus has been designed to integrate with unique features of HPC infrastructures such as parallel filesystem, batch schedulers, GPU accelerators or MPI. Sarus has been developed with users in mind and provide a Docker-style command-line interface.

Further information available here.

FirecREST is bringing the world of programmable Web applications to HPC infrastructure. It uses Web-enabled REST API to expose in a programable way the access of HPC resources including the capability to interact with an HPC workload manager or to move data from/to HPC storage. Such a modern and externally accessible interface enables users to build new tools, integrate workflow managers with standard technology or develop web services and portals that can use HPC resources.

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