User Lab

Researchers in Switzerland can apply for computational resources that are free at the point of use within the scope of the User Lab. A transparent review process by independent experts ensures that all deserving projects receive adequate computing resources. A range of allocation schemes allows scientists to request the most appropriate computational resources to support their work.

Follow this link to apply for User Lab computational resources.

Computational Services for Science

Instead of running their own computers – or in addition to doing so – Swiss research institutions and consortia can take advantage of the services provided by CSCS. The provision of these services is based on service-level agreements. CSCS has a dozen such contractual partners as of today.

Wherever possible, services are provided on a shared environment. The Service Catalog lists the services currently available.

In specific cases, dedicated environments are deployed to best fulfill requirements. An example of such a dedicated environment is the systems used for MeteoSwiss’s numerical weather forecasting service.

Individual researchers who have an immediate need for computational services can access them through cscs2go.

Institutions and researchers with specific requirements are welcome to contact

Software Products

Sarus and FirecREST are two new innovative software products developed by CSCS, designed for improving data workflows and porting of applications to HPC systems.

Follow this link to discover more about these two products.