The User Lab operated by CSCS is an essential service facility for Swiss researchers by providing access to cutting-edge computer systems. These computers aid scientists with diverse issues and requirements – from the pure calculation of complex problems to analysis of complex data, promoting and encouraging top-notch research in Switzerland.

The User Lab is operated in the scope of the National Initiative for High-Performance Computing and Networking (HPCN) on behalf of the Swiss Confederation. HPCN guarantees the financing of the supercomputers, whereas the operational costs are covered by ETH Zurich.

A transparent review process by independent experts ensures that all deserving projects receive the needed resources.

Computer time allocated by independent experts

In the competition for precious computer time, a transparent review process conducted by an independent committee of specialists decides how the time should be allocated. Every project proposal is evaluated by two scientists who belong to academic establishments from around the world and two technical experts from CSCS. An independent expert committee ultimately decides on the allocation of the computer time in a final evaluation based on these assessments. The painstaking procedure is designed to guarantee that all projects be treated equally and all promising projects can be implemented on high-performance computers.