Blue Brain 5 is an advanced supercomputer built by HPE based on the HPE SGI 8600 System, providing tailored and scalable compute performance to enable the Blue Brain Project to pursue its scientific roadmap goal for 2020 to model entire regions of the mouse brain, in particular the thalamus and neocortex. Blue Brain 5 will be dedicated to simulation neuroscience, in particular simulation-based research, analysis and visualization, to advance the understanding of the brain.

Blue Brain 5 is a set of tightly integrated high-performance resources. It is comprised of a HPE SGI 8600 cluster system with 327 nodes, 0.8TFlops, 64TB/s aggregated bandwidth, 100Gbps EDR Infiniband interconnect, 2.3TB High speed DRAM, 96TB DDR-4 DRAM and 160TB SSD. The GPFS storage connected to the SGI system is comprised of 72TB SSD with 80GB/s and 4PB HDD with 50GB/s bandwidth. Job scheduling across the system's components is performed by Slurm.

Cooling infrastructure