The Blue Brain 4 is an IBM Blue Gene/Q acquired from the Blue Brain Project (EPFL Lausanne) and installed at CSCS.

The Blue Brain 4 system is a key scientific tool for the neuroscientific research done at EPFL within the Blue Brain project. This system makes possible the simulation of larger and larger neuron networks. A target for this system is to achieve the simulation of a brain at the rodent's scale (approximately 200 millions neurons).

The Blue Brain 4 system is a set of tightly integrated high-performance resources. It is comprised of a four-rack IBM BlueGene/Q system 65 536 PowerPC A2 1.6 GHz cores for computing, providing a peak performance of 839 TFlops 65 TB of RAM 128TB of BlueGene Active Storage (BGAS) to enable data-intensive supercomputing A 40-nodes x86 visualization system A shared parallel filesystem based on GPFS / GSS of a capacity in excess of 4 petabytes and a bandwidth exceeding 40GB/s A FDR Infiniband network Job scheduling across the system's components is performed by Slurm.

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