Named after Monte Rosa in the Swiss-Italian Alps, elevation 4634m, this supercomputer is a Cray XE6 system and is the flagship system for national HPC Service.

Monte Rosa has a computing power of 402 TFlops, this means 402 trillion of mathematical operations per second. Monte Rosa can compute in one day more than a modern laptop could compute in 64 years.

This supercomputer is a 16 cabinet Cray XE6 system with 8 login nodes, 1496 compute nodes and 21 nodes to provide I/O support on Lustre and other external file systems. Each of the compute nodes consists of two 16-core AMD Opteron 6272 2.1 GHz Interlagos processors, giving 32 cores in total per node with 32 GBytes of memory.

In total there are 47'872 compute cores and over 46 Terabytes of memory available on the compute nodes.

Assembling (in the old location in Manno)