Advanced C++

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CHF 240.00

The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) is pleased to announce that the Advanced C++ workshop will be held from October 9 to 11, 2023 at CSCS in Lugano, Switzerland.




Course Description

C++ is a very powerful programming language, used worldwide to develop complex and performance critical applications. It is then an important candidate for developing HPC applications. Mastering the power of the language requires substantial effort but pays off as projects scale up in size and complexity, and, as the hardware architectures become more and more diverse and complex, C++ allows the implementation of the proper abstractions to make applications sustainable in the future. Specifically, C++ allows the development of type safe, flexible and portable functionalities, with no runtime overhead.
The course aims at providing the fundamental tools for effective C++ programming in the context of high-performance computing. The tools include generic programming techniques, API development, and specific recent C++constructs. Starting from a basic knowledge of C++, the attendee will be able to start using C++ language to engineer durable abstractions to develop and optimize applications. Example usage of modern C++ concepts and features taken from scientific applications used by the HPC community will be discussed, giving the attendees the opportunity to see the presented tools in action in real world cases.


The attendee is expected to be familiar with C++ syntax and the object-oriented features of the language. Basic familiarity with templates is not expected but encouraged.


Bring your own computers (you will be using your own compiler for the excercises).


Please note that the event will take place in Central European Summer Time. The lessons on the first day will start at 10:30. In general the course will be held from 08:30 to 17:00 with 1 hour lunch break. Both, morning and afternoon sessions, will have a 15-minutes break.


  • Mikael Simberg, HPC Application Engineer (CSCS)

  • Hannes Vogt, Software Engineer (CSCS)

  • Alberto Invernizzi, Software Engineer (CSCS)

  • Peter Kardos, Scientific Programmer (C2SM)

  • Fawzi Roberto Mohamed, Senior Software Engineer (CSCS)

  • Fabian Boesch, Software Engineer (CSCS)

  • John Biddiscombe, Senior HPC Application Engineer (CSCS)

Participation Fee and Registration

All participants must register for the course. The registration fee includes lunch and coffee breaks.

Course Fee: CHF 240.00

Deadline for registration: Thursday, September 28, 2023

Kindly note that the course can take place only if there are sufficient confirmed registrations received by the deadline. The minimum number of participants is eight. Registration for the course will automatically close when we reach the maximum number of participants (30).


Kindly note that no parking space is available at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre. There is a Park & Ride Resega parking lot, within five minutes walk from CSCS.

You are encouraged to travel by public transportation. The closest bus stop to CSCS is "Lugano, Stadio." From Lugano railway station, you should take bus number 4 or 6.

Suggestions regarding travels and accommodation are available here.


Please contact Mauro Bianco (mbianco@cscs.ch) for questions related to the course content and info@cscs.ch for questions related to the event logistics.

We look forward to welcoming you at CSCS!