July 19, 2016 - by CSCS

The visualization of the ab-initio simulation of electron flow through a silicon nanowire on ‘Piz Daint’ has received the award as the best visualization at the ISC Visualization Showcase 2016. The two research groups from ETH Zurich, led by Professors Joost VandeVondele and Mathieu Luisier and supported by the visualization specialist from CSCS Jean Favre, demonstrated in their visualization how electrons flow through a nano-transistor, a silicon nanowire composed of 50,000 atoms. “The advanced visualization techniques developed by Jean Favre at CSCS offer us an unprecedented insight into relevant physical quantities, such as charge and current distributions, that strongly influence the behaviour of nano-devices, but usually cannot be obtained from experiments. We are all very happy that this collaborative work between ETH Zurich and CSCS was recognized as the best visualization project at ISC 2016”, says Mathieu Luisier from ETH Zurich.