October 10, 2018 - by CSCS

Are you a student interested in Computational Science and Engineering? Would you like to take a break from the lectures and gain practical experience? Then you should not miss this opportunity!

Every year, indeed, CSCS offers internships in the field of High Performance Computing. Fully immersed in a professional work environment, you will have the possibility to test and deepen your knowledge. The topics cover different aspects, from Quantum Computing Simulations to Machine Learning applied to HPC, from GPU consolidation to the use of MPI .

Internships have diverse duration, going from a minimum of one month to a maximum of four months. The list of possible internships is usually published in October/November (see this year’s list) and the applications are reviewed by an internal committee.

If you want to know from your same point of view how an internship at CSCS is, you can read the previous experiences of other students, like Shoshana and Conradin.

If you want to apply, check all the information here.

We are waiting for your application!