January 14, 2019 - by CSCS

As of today CSCS has opened a new web-based tool to let users manage their accounts and projects. In the past principle investigators (PIs) only had an overview of their own projects, but all actions were fulfilled by sending requests to CSCS staff. From now on, PIs will be directly able to:

  • Manage user’s membership and access control.
  • Add user to the projects by issuing an invitation.
  • Remove users from the projects.
  • Select which users can access a system (and submit jobs) and which ones can only access project data.
  • Define one or more deputies to perform such tasks.

As for all the users, the web-portal will allow to:

  • Access their profile, manage institutional details and reset the password.
  • List the projects they belong to.
  • Check details on each project, quotas and current utilization.
  • Overview of where the user has his/her files at CSCS.

For more information, please visit the user portal page >