November 28, 2019 - by CSCS

The account and resources management tool, which can be accessed here:, is the entry point to CSCS in many ways: with the tool, group leaders can invite users into their projects, who can then register to get access to their resources, configure their profile, see which projects to which they belong, and much more.

Recently, a few features were introduced to allow users and group leaders to see their past resource utilization, both in a CSV format for archival and offline analytics and in a graphical way; they can now navigate back to check how well their resources were used, see trends, and consequently plan for the future.

These new features will eventually replace the old 'sbucheck' and 'monthly_usage' command-line tools to make everyone's resource utilization data more private and easier to understand.

More information about the tool is here:, and watch out for new features!