February 18, 2020 - by CSCS

The goal of the review was to assess the current state of development of the PASC program comparing it with similar initiatives at the international level, both concerning individual application domains and computing infrastructure and to provide directions for the new phase of development and support of the computing infrastructure in Switzerland, identifying the needs for development and networking activities.

The review panel was composed of five international experts:

  • Bruce Harmon, Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University
  • Mike Heroux, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Jeffrey Nichols, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Mike Payne, University of Cambridge
  • William Tang, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and Princeton University

During the review, general presentations on the overall program strategy were held. This was followed by individual sessions were the initiatives’ PIs’ had the opportunity to present their project and to discuss critically with the panel. The review was concluded by a plenary debriefing session.


The following projects are currently supported by the PASC initiative:

Dominik ObristHPC-PREDICT: High-Performance Computing for the Prognosis of Adverse Aortic Events
Petros KoumoutsakosVirtual Physiological Blood
Andreas FichtnerSalvus
Thomas DriesnerFASTER: Forecasting and Assessing Seismicity and Thermal Evolution in geothermal Reservoirs
Paul TackleyStagBL: A Scalable, Portable, High-Performance Discretization and Solver Layer for Geodynamic Simulation
Felix KüblerComputing equilibria in heterogeneous agent macro models on contemporary HPC platforms
Torsten HoeflerPASCHA: Portability And Scalability of COSMO on Heterogeneous Architectures
Ulrike LohmannENIAC: Enabling the ICON model on heterogeneous architectures
Florina M. Ciorba and Lucio MayerSPH-EXA: Optimizing Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics for Exascale Computing
Nicola MarzariSIRIUS: Development and optimization of the domain-specific library SIRIUS for electronic-structure calculations, and integration within the Quantum-ESPRESSO distribution
Juerg HutterSparse Tensor Linear Algebra Library

Additionally, the Core Program activities have been reviewed. These activities have been presented by Joost VandeVondele, Manager of the Core Program, and part of his team. Short presentations of the following projects have been given:

  • Distributed Blocked Compressed Sparse Row Library - Shoshana Jakobovits
  • GridTools Framework - Felix Thaler
  • Utopia - Nur Fadel
  • HPC-PREDICT-IO - Andreas Fink
  • SIRIUS - Anton Kozhevnikov
  • HPX - Mikael Simberg