April 30, 2020 - by CSCS

RACKlette is a team of motivated students from ETH Zürich with various fields of interests around HPC.

Together they work on optimizing and tuning computations on all the different levels down from the physical hardware up to algorithmic performance optimizations wherever possible. The team is composed out of a rich and diverse mix of interests in parallel programming, system administration and system's programming, algorithms and complexity analysis as well as processor and memory architecture. The team is supervised by Prof. Torsten Hoefler of ETH Zurich. He made the project possible in the first place and supports us with his profound knowledge and resources in the field of HPC. CSCS being a proud sponsor of RACKlette.

After founding the team in 2018 RACKlette is now looking for new team members to join the project and become part of the world of HPC already during the undergraduate studies.