May 16, 2020 - by CSCS

Several HPC and academic data centres of Europe and around the world are currently fighting against cyber-attacks and therefore had to shut down their computing infrastructure.

CSCS detected malicious activity in relation to these attacks. Due to this situation, the external access to the centre has been closed until having restored a safe environment. The users were informed immediately and are kept up to date. Not affected are the weather forecasts of MeteoSwiss, which are also calculated at CSCS.

“We are currently investigating the illegal access to the centre. Our engineers are actively working on bringing back the systems as soon as possible to reduce the impact on our users to a minimum” says CSCS-Director Thomas Schulthess.

The background of the attack is unclear so far and as investigations are ongoing CSCS cannot give any further information on the subject. CSCS is in contact with the National Cyber Security Center MELANI.

(Picture above: Alessandro Della Bella - CSCS)