October 12, 2020 – by CSCS 

As of January 1, 2020, CSCS is no longer organizationally attached to the Vice President for Human Resources and Infrastructure (VPPR). After a new infrastructure was established in tandem with the new building in Lugano, computer-aided research made possible at CSCS is once again brought to the fore. After about 11 years, CSCS is therefore once again under the Vice-President for Research, Professor Detlef Günther. A first visit of the Vice President for Research to CSCS in Lugano in spring was planned, but then came the lockdown. The meeting with the CSCS and its staff then took the form of a zoom meeting. 

Last Thursday the Vice-President for Research made up for his visit on site. Together with his staff he visited the CSCS. Due to the measures taken to protect against the corona pandemic, only CSCS Director Thomas Schulthess and part of the management team welcomed the high-level visit.  While respecting the safety measures, Günther and his staff visited the engine room and the newly updated exhibition before meeting for a joint exchange of views.