October 13, 2021 - by CSCS

The programming language Julia is being more and more adopted in High Performance Computing (HPC) due to its unique way to combine performance with simplicity and interactivity, enabling unprecedented productivity in HPC development. This course will discuss both basic and advanced topics relevant for single and Multi-GPU computing with Julia. It will focus on the CUDA.jl package, which enables writing native Julia code for GPUs.

Topics covered include the following: 

  • GPU array programming;
  • GPU kernel programming;
  • Kernel launch parameters;
  • Usage of on-chip memory;
  • Multi-GPU computing;
  • Code reflection and introspection; and
  • Diverse advanced optimization techniques.

This course combines lectures and hands-on sessions.

This course addresses scientists interested in doing HPC using Julia. Previous Julia or GPU computing knowledge is not needed, but a good general understanding of programming is advantageous.

Deadline for registration: Sunday, October 24, 2021.

For more details and registrations instructions, please visit the event page >