July 07, 2022 - by CSCS

Kubernetes is an emerging platform to manage and orchestrate services, which brings potential benefits in terms of reliability, productivity, flexibility, and more. Kubernetes could be employed to manage HPC services by a supercomputing center, but it might also be a service offered to users to host their own services.

The primary goal of this hackathon is for participants to acquire and exchange knowledge about Kubernetes. Moreover, teams will develop the necessary skills to be able to move existing services at their institutions to Kubernetes.

This hackathon will focus particularly on porting existing services at an HPC cluster (such as SLURM, Kibana, IAM, etc) to Kubernetes.

The event is addressed to small teams of 2 to 5 system/software engineers. Mentors will be assigned to teams to help them achieve their goals.       

The event will be limited to 5-7 teams of 2 to 5 developers with 2 mentors for each team. The event will be held in-person.

Teams must submit their applications for evaluation by Sunday, September 11, 2022.       

Further details are available at the event page >