September 19, 2023 - by CSCS

FirecREST is an API that empowers scientific communities to access HPC computing, data, and infrastructure resources through a web interface. 

This API supports and enhances automated workflows (such as CI/CD pipelines for HPC), and the development of scientific portals that allow web developers and HPC users to adapt their workflows in a more flexible, secure, and standardized way.

In this training, we will present FirecREST, its capabilities, and the use of programming libraries for developing web applications. 

Target Audience:

  • HPC users in general who need to adapt their workflows on HPC environment in an automated fashion, for instance: orchestrating advanced HPC workflows, creating CI/CD pipelines for testing scientific software on an HPC platform, transferring data in and out HPC filesystems, and creating scientific portals.
  • Another use case for CSCS users is to replace automated workflows that used long-term SSH keys to a more secure and standardized approach. 


  • Eirini Koutsaniti, Software Engineer (CSCS)
  • Alejandro Dabin, Systems Engineer (CSCS) 

Course Fee: CHF 80.00 

Deadline for registration: Sunday, September 24, 2023 

Further details and link to the registration form can be found in the CSCS Events webpage > 

We look forward to welcoming you at CSCS!