April 11, 2024 - by CSCS

  • Calls (National and CHRONOS) open on June 1, 2024 and close on July 9, 2024.
  • Benchmarking access for technical reports on Alps (mandatory for all applications) opens on 1 June, 2024 and is available until July 9, 2024.
  • Exceptionally, the allocation period starts on November 1, 2024 (rather than October 1).  

We would like to emphasize that Alps with the new Grace Hopper architecture is expected to be 10-15 times as performant as Piz Daint.

This is the time for you to think about challenging and exciting problems that you have not yet been able to address because Piz Daint provided limited resources.  

We encourage you to submit CHRONOS proposals with high-impact, challenging and innovative research. This is an amazing opportunity for Switzerland to advance science and impact society.  

For the upcoming calls for proposals we shall apply the conversion factor 0.25 as 1 node of Alps has 4 NVIDIA GH200 whereas 1 node of Piz Daint has only 1 NVIDIA P100 in addition to 12 Broadwell cores. This means:

  • For CHRONOS proposals: Resource requests need to be a minimum of 250 000 node hours on Alps.
  • For Regular proposals: resource requests need to be a minimum of 10 000 node hours on Alps.  

Ongoing projects that expire on September 30, 2024 should expect to be migrated to Alps in early July. If everything goes according to plan (extension to October 31, 2024 will be addressed case by case).  

The option to submit multiyear projects will be available again to professors, however a clear research plan with milestones for each year is needed to be considered. Reports are needed at the time of renewal, and they need to comply with CSCS requirements.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information or for any questions that you might have. We thank you in advance for your collaboration and cooperation in helping us and working with us to build this new research infrastructure.