June 14, 2022 - by CSCS

LUMI is the first pre-exascale supercomputer of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and is Europe’s most powerful supercomputer. LUMI stands for "Large Unified Modern Infrastructure" and will help scientists to solve global challenges and to promote a green transformation. It is run by a consortium of 10 countries with long traditions and knowledge of scientific computing.

The Swiss Confederation with the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) is a member of the LUMI consortium. On Monday 13 June 2022, CSCS was delighted to celebrate the inauguration of LUMI with its partners in Kajaani.

“For CSCS and our users, LUMI is a valuable addition to our Alps research infrastructure,” says CSCS-Director Thomas Schulthess. “Powerful systems like LUMI are needed by researchers to find answers to the challenges humanity is facing today. Finland, which produces cheap and CO2-free electricity, is an optimal location for installing such a large leadership-class system.”

CSCS users already have the opportunity to test LUMI and use it for their simulations. “LUMI is available to the user community through various European and CSCS calls for proposals. Being part of this consortium is of special importance for our country. It represents the channel that allows Switzerland to be part of the European landscape and to have a voice in the future of the European computing and data infrastructure,” says Maria Grazia Giuffreda, Associate Director at CSCS and responsible of the User Program. “Now it is up to our scientists to take full advantage of this modern and powerful infrastructure.”

Official press release: LUMI, Europe's most powerful supercomputer, is solving global challenges and promoting a green transformation >

Picture above: LUMI supercomputer (Image: Pekka Agarth)