September 07, 2015

Career development is an important aspect for CSCS. In addition to giving support for training and continuing education activities, CSCS also encourages job development within the company. Dario Petrusic joined CSCS in 2012 as IT Support in the Business Services team and after 3 years he changed its position to System Engineer in the HPC Operations group. Dario tells us about his career step at CSCS.

Dario, what is your background?

My journey in the IT world started when I was 12 years old and I received my first PC. Since then, I never stopped learning and experiencing new things. As for education, I have a federal grade diploma in IT. After graduating I worked as PHP and Java developer at Isys Banking Software. This was my fist working experience before having the chance to join CSCS.

When and for which position did you first apply to CSCS?

In 2012 I applied for the IT Support position at CSCS because I was looking for something more technical and varied. This position was perfect at that time because gave me the opportunity to work with different hardware and software architectures and increased my skills in a variety of environments.

What did you motivate to change position within CSCS?

Working in the IT Support team was great, but I wanted to further develop my knowledge into the system administration, especially of large installations like the ones we have here at CSCS. The team in the HPC Operations group providing storage services was looking for a new member. I asked if it was possible to move and here I am now! I will always be grateful to the management for allowing me to grow by moving to this new position.

How have you been welcomed in your new group? What are your new responsibilities?

I already knew the team, so the transition was very smooth and I was well welcomed in the group. As a member of the storage team my main responsibility is to ensure the business continuity of the storage services in the center. I'm also working with the team that is providing services to CHIPP, the Swiss Institute of Particle Physics to analyze the data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva.

How would you describe a regular day as a System Engineer at CSCS?

It's not easy to standardize such a dynamic position, but in general the first thing I do when I start a new day is to have a look at the monitoring systems and in case of alert to take the required actions. In addition to this, I have to solve tickets, work on projects, deal with products support, look for new technologies and solutions, keeping all the day long an eye on the monitoring systems.

What are you proud since you started this new position?

There is not a specific thing I can say I'm proud of, but in general I can say I'm very proud to work at CSCS in this position.