Please tell us something about you and your career history.   

I’m Brazilian and Italian, I’ve got my MSc. in Computer Science in Brazil and PhD in France. I’ve also worked in European projects, such as CoreGRID (Switzerland/France) and IMPACT (Italy).

How did you first hear of CSCS?  

I first heard about CSCS in 2010 when I came to Lugano for attending to a summer school organized by USI.

When and for which position did you apply to CSCS?  

I’ve applied in August 2014 to a Software Engineer position (with focus on Continuous Validation/Integration aspects) announced in LinkedIn.

How would you describe the application process?  

The application process consisted of two rounds of interviews. Both interviews were very pragmatic: the role and the requirements of the vacant position were explained and then I was asked to give details about my experience.

What employee policy/benefit unique to CSCS do you appreciate the most? 

The possibility to have continuing education/training is definitively an interesting advantage.

What is the most appealing aspect of working within CSCS?  

Dealing with challenging scientific problems and having access to one of the most advanced computing platforms in the world.

How did you find the relocation to Lugano?  

Relocation was straightforward and I found a permanent accommodation before I started working, despite of having only a few weeks available for searching.

What is expecting you at CSCS in the next months?  

Besides the user support, there are many upcoming activities on the schedule: attending to a workshop, preparing the next CSCS-USI Summer School and also a new project about continuous validation.