March 13, 2018

How would you describe a regular day as a Software and Database Engineer at CSCS?

I have the luck to have different functions and responsibilities in what I am doing at CSCS. This means that depending on which phase of the project I am working on I have to analyze data and scenarios, research new ways to solve different situations, manage data, develop or coordinate tasks, organize or document future features.

On which projects are you currently working?

Principally, I am working on a new application that allows us to manage users and projects at CSCS. This application is the starting point for each submitted project that requires computing resources within our supercomputers.

For which team do you work, and how many members does your team have?

My team? For now, me and myself; but given the always growing interest in the development of internal and external new services, this is going to change.

What do you like most about working as a Software and Database Engineer at CSCS? What is most rewarding about working at CSCS?

My work has to do with a lot of things. I work with the whole life cycle of data. Starting from their unstructured form, I have to bring them through different phases until they can say something useful to the final user that needs it or has to work with it. All this implies a lot of knowledge and experience about different technologies and approaches, and last but not least, a lot of creativity. This is what I really like in my work-I have to work with both sides of it: the logic and the originality.

What keeps you going to get to work every day?

A nice environment, friendly colleagues and interesting projects. Here at CSCS, there is the possibility to technically express yourself and look forward to what is coming next. There also is the concrete opportunity to expand and improve your knowledge with continuous training.

Which are your next projects?

The tendency is to facilitate collaboration between the different supercomputers and research centers. Parallel to this, we should facilitate the technical work between the different partnerships. CSCS already has services that go in this direction, but the goal is to improve and extend these activities.