July 17, 2018 - by Valentina Tamburello

On May 29, 2018, CSCS welcomed the young Mattia Alongi, the 13 years old son of Claudia, our Corporate Controller, for the one-day internship “Una giornata alla scoperta del mondo del lavoro”, organized by the High School of Bedigliora, with the purpose of discovering the working world of their parents and world of work in general. 

Mattia was always curious about CSCS, therefore he joined us for his internship. In the report for his school he wrote “I was never bored, but involved in very interesting activities. They explained me everything clearly”. He was indeed involved in the installation of a Linux Ubuntu 64 bit virtual machine, learned how to use it and how to connect different parts of a supercomputer through optical fibers. Moreover, he enjoyed a guided tour in the machine room and learned a lot about network and security.

Interestingly, he already knew that “supercomputers are used by scientists to do complicate calculations” and that “a supercomputer is made of numerous smaller computers which work all together”, but he added” “I didn’t imagine something bigger than 2 shelves!”

We hope to attract more students visiting our guided tours and for internships. We would like to thank Mattia, for having chosen CSCS for his one-day internship, and Melania, Chris and Luca, who dedicated their time.