August 19, 2019 - by CSCS


Working at CSCS since
December 1991


  • 1983-1988 Bachelor in Computer Science, EPFL
  • 1989-1991 Research assistant, Computer Graphics Laboratory, EPFL

Specialised in
Currently my role at CSCS is account manager in the User Engagement and Support Unit. My background is 3D data visualization and software development. As one would imagine, I started at CSCS supporting users in visualising simulation results and in pre- and post-processing of data. Then my career evolved to general application support and currently into account management.

My technical expertise allows me to be the liaison between CSCS and selected external customers, such that both needs and expectations are properly understood and represented. It is now a number of years that I have been the account manager for MeteoSwiss, a challenging customer for whom CSCS provides a broad range of services, which go far beyond simple com-putational resources. For this reason, part of my work consists of finding adequate solutions that meet all of a customer’s needs and requirements. Mutual understanding and trust are important aspects of the work and are essential in customer relationships, and they are gradually developed over time.

Working at CSCS means to me
Being able to help advance and promote science for the benefit of the entire society, and also being given a unique opportunity to be part of the catalyst process, which enables technology development and innovation.

What I like most about my work
Each customer has it own needs and expectations, which often vary and increase over time. Moreover, technology is rapidly changing, thus the proposed solutions will never last for more than a couple of years. We are in the position of having to regularly reassess these needs and requirements and proactively propose better alternatives. This is what makes working at CSCS exciting!

What challenges me at my work
When new customers approach us, very often it is a challenge to fully understand the extent of their needs and expectations. We have to clearly explain what CSCS is actually able to offer, and we ultimately rise up to the challenge of thinking of possible solutions or new services that were never addressed nor offered before. Sometimes we try to push customers’ limits, even if it might cause some disruption in their workflow, but the achievements are often highly reward-ing both for the customer and for us.