May 22, 2019 - by CSCS


Working at CSCS since
July 2014


  • 1998-2001 Bachelor in Computer Science, University of Avignon, France
  • 2001-2003 Master in Computer Science Fundamentals and Graph Theory, University of Bordeaux 1, Frnace
  • 2004-2007 Ph.D. in HPC and Communication Modelling, INRIA, France

Specialised in
In  the  office  of  the  CTO,  our  main  goal  is  to  technically  lead  the  centre  towards  the  strategic  goals provided by the director. As a computer scientist and CTO deputy in the office of CTO, I am responsible for assisting the CTO in identifying, planning and executing technical decisions to learn and apply new technologies, and also to oversee the development of key initiatives inside the centre to implement these strategic goals. My role varies from writing proposals for Swiss and  European  projects,  to  developing  proofs-of-concept  for  certain  technologies,  to  leading  teams to apply or implement successful tools and techniques, and to disseminating the result-ing solutions in international conferences or work groups.

Working at CSCS means to me
CSCS is a well-recognized and a very innovative centre in the HPC community. It was one of the first to introduce GPGPU at large scale specifically for operational weather forecasting systems, and  it  became  a  leader  in  that  field.  Today,  one  of  CSCS’s  goals  is  to  converge  Cloud  and  HPC  technologies together, which brings very exciting and technical challenges. CSCS also provides a very stable and nice working environment. Both aspects make CSCS a great place to develop and deploy future technology to improve the HPC community.

What I like most about my work
Being part of CSCS in the office of the CTO is a very interesting position, as on one hand I need to have a deep understanding of the HPC technology and its community, and, on the other hand, I need to identify innovative ways to meet CSCS’s technical objectives.  I like the fact that I have a great flexibility in terms of work directions with a wide variety of technical topics to investigate. I also appreciate the fact that I can rely on very knowledgeable and professional colleagues.

What challenges me at my work
There  are  different  aspects  which  challenge  me,  and,  most  importantly,  I  like  very  much  the  diversity of these challenges. For instance, I may need to focus on a complex technical problem for a couple of weeks or do networking and dissemination activities by participating in interna-tional conferences. I also need to be aware of technological developments and their potential applications, and I evaluate the benefits of vendor-provided technology.