November 5, 2019 - by CSCS


Working at CSCS since
September 2015


  • 2000-2005 Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • 2005-2006 Research Assistant, Computing System Laboratory, National Technical University  of Athens, Greece
  • 2007-2012 Ph.D. in High-Performance Computing, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Specialised in
Since November 2018, I have been leading the Scientific Computing Support Group after I worked for three  years as an HPC Application Specialist in the same group. As group lead, I manage the activities of my team to enable our user community to make the best use of the HPC environment that CSCS is providing. My specialization is performance engineering and re-gression testing. I have been mentoring teams in GPU Hackathons organized by the center and acted as the lead developer of a framework for regression testing and continuous integration of HPC applications. I have been furthermore involved in directive-based GPU programming, representing the center in the OpenACC technical committee. I have been supporting and helping our users in using OpenACC and I have taught GPU programming in seminars held by our center, as well as in a summer school co-organized with USI.

Working at CSCS means to me
Enabling science, by helping our users and providing them the resources for running efficiently on one of the biggest supercomputer systems in the world.

What I like most about my work
What I do like the most about my job is that there is not a regular routine. I enjoy working with my team in supporting our users so they can run their codes optimally on our system, testing and benchmarking codes,  designing and implementing solutions for our users’ workflows, as well as designing and developing our software tools.

What challenges me at my work
My team at CSCS is essentially a production engineering team with knowledge that spans thewhole software stack, from systems and computer architecture to scientific applications. Anything we do has a direct impact on the users of the center, so everything counts. Given the complexity and the scale of such a large center, this is a big challenge.