August 12, 2020 - by CSCS


Working at CSCS since
January 2018


  • 2011-2015 Bachelor’s degree in Physics, EPFL
  • 2015-2018 Master’s degree in Computational Science and Engineering, ETH Zurich
  • 2017 Internship, CSCS

Specialised in
As a software engineer in the Scientific Software and Libraries unit, I mostly work on acceleratinglinear algebra operations on GPUs in scientific software libraries.

Working at CSCS means to me
When I optimize the GPU backend of a linear algebra library, I know that this will allow scientists to run their simulations faster on "Piz Daint" and at other supercomputing facilities around the world. Knowing that my work has this type of impact is very rewarding. I take pride in writing software that is performant, portable and usable, because in doing so, I play a part in advancing scientific research.

What I like most about my work
I feel very fortunate that there are a lot of things I enjoy about my job at CSCS. I am lucky to be surrounded by incredibly friendly and knowledgeable colleagues on my team. I love that I learn new  things almost every day, and that our working atmosphere is so cooperative and  caring. Last but not least, developing and running code on a nearly daily basis on "Piz Daint", one of the largest supercomputers in the world, is thrilling.

What challenges me at my work
High-performance  computing  is  an  exciting  and  demanding  field.  I  have  to  keep  up  with  new  architectures, new technologies, new libraries and new developments in software engineering in order to take full advantage of them in my work.