May 16, 2024 - by CSCS


Software and Database Engineer

Working at CSCS since
September 2015


  • 2005-2008 Master's in Computer Science, ETH Zurich
  • 2008-2009 Assistant at the University of Lugano, Faculty of Informatics
  • 2010-2012 Application Architect at UNIC, Zurich
  • 2012 Senior Software Engineer at uFirst Group, Zurich
  • 2012-2015 Senior Software Engineer at Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC), Bellinzona
  • 2015-Present Software and Database Engineer, CSCS

I am focused on working and dealing with various types and amounts of data, from which we need to extract useful and strategic information for the Centre. The quality and completeness of the data allows us to have the means to verify what is happening, anticipate and prevent any errors, and analyse the trends in order to better define future goals.

What working at CSCS means to me
Working in an academic environment of national importance is very enriching and motivating. CSCS gives me the opportunity to continue to grow, train, and improve my skills.

What I like most about my work
I like being surrounded by people with both different and common interests. This allows me to gain knowledge and understanding every day, and it is always a stimulus to continue to differentiate and explore fields other than mine during my daily work.

What challenges me at my work
Data has and is becoming increasingly important, and this allows us to be creative and open to new ideas, technologies, and solutions. I find it interesting — and challenging — to be able to extract useful and important information starting from simple raw data. By combining this data together with technical knowledge and business needs, we can structure the information in a way that better guides the Centre in making decisions.