October 18, 2021 - by CSCS 

On October 11-13, 2021, CSCS organized a three-days online course on "Advanced C++".  

C++ is a very powerful programming language, used worldwide to develop complex and performance critical applications. It is then an important candidate for developing HPC applications. Mastering the power of the language requires substantial effort but pays off as projects scale up in size and complexity, and, as the hardware architectures become more and more diverse and complex, C++ allows the implementation of the proper abstractions to make applications sustainable in the future. Specifically, C++ allows the development of type safe, flexible and portable functionalities, with no runtime overhead.

The course aimed at providing the fundamental tools for effective C++ programming in the context of high-performance computing. The tools include generic programming techniques, API development, and specific C++-11/14/17 constructs. Starting from a basic knowledge of C++, the attendees were able to start using C++ language to engineer durable abstractions to develop and optimize applications. Example usage of modern C++ concepts and features taken from scientific applications used by the HPC community were discussed, giving the attendees the opportunity to see the presented tools in action in real world cases. 

Here you can watch the videos of the "Advanced C++" course >